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Private detective business Hanoi rescue the bank in bankruptcy

Detective Saigon The rocket  increased drug prices makes pharmaceutical market tanked. Many people take advantage of this opportunity to see the rich but  there are  also quite a lot of  businesses suffering the difficulties. Company X is in some way. They have  invested a huge amount to import some rare specific drugs, hoping to provide proprietary drug on the market of Hanoi and HCMC. However, when their imported drugs still on the way, they found a number of shops selling all kinds of  the brand-name drugs with prices lower than the import price.

Last August, VDT's detective Office  received a visitors claiming to be the director and deputy director of X company specializing in pharmaceuticals based on the Thai thinh - Ha noi. In a very frustrating mood, Mr. M, the name of the  visitor, who was about 40 years old, showed a number of names given under the sample name of the  drug and pill, which  his company had imported from India at very high prices.

But when looking for some addresses to  distribute the drug,  they found a number of other shops that selling drugs at much lower prices  than his. These  shops concentrated in  Quoc Tu Giam, Cat Linh, Vo .... Mr. M also confirmed that  before deciding to invest large sums of money to import the drug, company X had studied the market very carefully and found out that  the demand for those rare  drugs on the market was relatively high. Facing  this situation, the X company was  at risk of heavy losses. If  the company would not quickly sell the drugs,  the  drug may be  out of date /use. If they quickly sell  at  the imported price, there would be no one who want to buy because of the high price

After  hearing  the facts and studying the document quickly, VDT private detective company  adviced that  just by finding out the  offer clues to the above address, 50% could  help to understand the problem,  from this prompt, they could have their own respond plans. The X company agreed to settle in this direction and immediately provide information. The  contract was signed.

Recorgnizing that this was a sensitive issue of public concern, VDT Detective   had carefully recorded clearly in the contract that VDT only provides information about the transfer of goods that customers demand , and all legal elements involved in the import business and customers as well as the object to the information they provide absolutely no understanding and no responsibility.
After the contract is signed, the first thing VDT private detective  did  was verified  the  legal status of company X and they found  that X company was  operating legally on the field .The detectives , then,   established the "core"  points at the 5 suspected shpos  and strictly controlled and tried to contact the employees  to get information.VDT private Detectives tried to be present at the shops   in turns from opening to closing for 3 days and  just only for a single purpose of finding out if  the shops  imported  the drug or the drug was  carriered to the shops?   In the fourth day, the detectives  already had the answer and the strict schedule of  the drug importing of those five stores/shops.

At this time, detective groups are assigned to  harder job which is to start to follow the  people who  importing the medication.  Unfortunately, an accident happened when a female detective clinging by a person carrying the drug. Because of her driving too fast through a 3-way across,  she wiped away her motobike into another vehicle and was fallen. She was unable to travel for 1 week. This was a rare accident because the detectives who was given these kind of tasks  tasks  were familiar to high speed driving.

An unusual case

After 10 days uninterrupted followed the subjects, the Hanoi Private Detective detected that  most of  drug stores  imported the drugs  at 2 locations, but mostly in Phuong Mai  streets. All of the motobikes  came to take the drug went    in  to a small and deep alley . It was an apartment on the 3rd floor of a high-rise apartment, the door closed all day long. The owner of the apartment as well as people who coming in and out of the apartment were so aware of any ones  around them.

A team of four detectives who were the  proficient motorcyclists are arranged immediately to control the  place.  Two  of them were  joined the group of motobike taxi on the ground. They were smart  enough to enter the group that the real motorbike taxi drivers here classified them  as fellows  and were  ranked "the turn" to get passenger or cargo. Throughout the day, they  stood at the  place. Sometime, they had to tactfully refuse customers tactfully  by saying that  they were waiting for their own cients or  asking a very high price to make the customers go away themselves. The two  others  always being at  the outer ring to continue the work of the  two people in the inner ring  in order to avoid the suspected eyes.

Watching  the  people carrying cargo out of the house above,  the detectives recorgnized  that these people all  carrying a small carton. Sometimes, the owner herself brought the  box to ask  the familiar motorcycle taxi driver to take it out. In these times, the detectives tried to face to the the owner in order to get the task.  The results were satisfactory. A detective was assigned a ride to work 3 times, so this detective got the trust from her!

That day all the motorists  were busy with  their work, the owner  owners properly called a detective and assigned to help carry a cardboard box to a store  on Giang Vo ...to do this task, the detective had to leave the registration of his moto! Hurry up to the  place, saying that he need a short rest to drink a glass of water, and  as the receiver opened the box all paper check, the detective - motorcycle taxi  was glad to find  the correct paper box was  all  contained  the drugs that required to  find information by the  customers.

While being  at the key points, as well as offline on the road scouting, all information was  immediately sent to the customer. After determining the correct medication delivery points that customers demand, the director of company X was invited to discuss about the the case. Seeing that  the place provided this drug can also be a place where police might pay  attention to , the VDT Detective thoroughly presented all relevant information as well as final conclusions about the apartment in  Phuong Mai street .

Party X company was very pleased with the information that VDT private detective services provided and they also asked to end  the contract because they had learned important information. According to  Mr. M, the company X would   exposed to those involved to have thebest settlement . This was one of the numerous contracts to provide commercial information that  private detective office VDT completed, but those who in the  mission, including the deputy director of VDT detectives still felt insecure when they are not allowed to participate to the bitter end. And they also had  the feeling behind the resolution of the settlement which  still had the unusual problem ....


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