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The messages and confusing calls

Saigon private detective solving the case

The information in  her husband's phone has sown  the doubts, which  forcing Huong to find out the truth to protect the family’s happiness
Mis Huong was Lam’s wife, who was the  director of an  animal health company in Saigon. Their family life was very comfortable , warm and happy with their  8 year old beautiful daughter named Huong Linh, then  Huong  discovered the phone calls, text messages sent to her husband’s phone from a strange named: “Duong”. But who was  this unknown person?  definitely  the contents of the text   showed that this must  not be from a partner or  a junior.

Being busying  managing  homes, and their children, Huong hardly ever went out, nor  was too curious about her husband's business. For years, she had been  believed her husband  and made careful management  for their home to assure Mr. Lam at work.
Once, his phone rings,  Huong just intended to bring her husband the phone    but Mr. Lam seemed to be panicked. He pulled the hpone  hastily. Seeing Lam normally  viewing the messages, without changing attitudes, Huong could not help noticing/ignoring  the  fleeting gesture of  her husband.

Previously, Mr. Lam often answering the phone  in front of her. These days, he  often avoided  aswering when she was near him and  tried to away and talked  so long. The afflatus of a woman told Huong that there was  something hidden behind, Huong secretly read the messages while her husband was having  the shower. The messages which were full  of love from a person named D. made  her panic. She  became more suspicious when the next time she secretly tried to read again, but  all messages had been cleared . She confided to some friends and they adviced her  just to go to VDT detective company in Saigon.

After listening to Huong’s presentation and learn more about Mr. Lam on a number of document, VDT private detective firm assigned its detectives and they  started to work the next day.
Nearly a month sticking  to the object, detectives discovered the suspect. All of  Mr. Lam’s activities took place as their normal scheduals:  going  to the company and returning home soon, and just on Monday, things were different.

Regularly, every Monday, Mr. Lam left the company from  the middle morning to go to a lovely little house in the suburbs, and left at late afternoon to fit the normal time of coming  home.
This information had been forwarded to Ms. Huong. Having huong’s agreement, detectives carried out a deep  investigating the house. A week later, those who live in the house were discovered. They include: a nanny, a beautiful girl about 25 years old and a 3 year old boy.


The daily activities of  the girl were  bringing the boy to school in the morning and picking him up at 4pm. Two hours later, she ran to a restaurant to work.
Receiving the report, the VDT  company commandered the detective role to approach the girls. In the guise of a young, profound wealthy man, the detective quickly acquainted and knew that the girl named  Dao, and she was  the restaurant's hostess. After a week, the detective had exploited that her  names and  the stories of her private life. Her real name was Xuan Tuioi, 27, had a son. Rather grim, the  son had the  surname of Mr.  Lam and he was  Mr. Lam’s son . Being  given full, the girl still went  to work for more comfortable living spending.

The truth finalized a bitter, three years had gone, Lam  had deceived Huong. He had had mistresses and his own child. Huong did not know anything.


Suffering from the  pain of betrayal and torment herrself to be  too neglect of her family’s happinessHuong did  not understand where the  breakages had started.  Although Lam had a mistress, he  still normally looked after the family and showed his responsibilities  of a father and a husband. Ms. Huong disoriented without knowing how to open her mouth to talk about this terrible discovery.

Whether her  family would be peaceful  after  the dicovery of this secret?
With her ​​love for Lam  and love for her daughter, Linh  (she did not want their daughter to grow up without a father), Ms. Huong had to try to be calm to meet the young girl and told her the discovery with the hope that the girl would withdraw and wold not put anyone involved in to difficulties
On the other hand, Huong started  to  take care her husband more regularly. She spent the time to learn about her husband’s  friends and  seeing them with Lam.  She would like to know more about Lam’s business to share with him.

At first, hearing her asking aout his business, Mr. Lam was somewhat surprisied, but recognized the sincere interest of his wife, he gradually confided to her the tired things that he did  not talk to her before becase of her  less attention to those
After the work is finished, Huong thanked Saigon VDT  detective office. Thank to  the help of them which she promptly discovered, rescued and preserved  her family life as well as hellped  her   husband return to their nest.
Detective Saigon
As private detective steps VDT operation!



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