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“All chili peppers are hot!"

“All chili peppers are hot!", but gone over what so called: “ paint on the head or slit on the rival’s face,” style . Now, men and women who are cuckolded both trying to figure out effective  ways to not only warn their rivals and their husbands / wives,  but also avoid  having  a broken marriage.


The hustle of life and work makes family meals, especially lunches, become luxurious for civil servants couples.  Meal and nap at the office was the family choice. After all, the person whom you meet regularly is not your wife or husband but your male/female friend or colleague. The result is office adultery has its chance to arise...

Ms. Lien, in District 3 (Ho Chi Minh City), working in a state auditor unit, who has vaguely heard that her husband often has lunch with a new young female colleague. However, she did not threat or reveal her jealous attitude. She, on the contrary, discreetly paid attention to his mobile phone with the hope that she would catch the “fish". As she and her husband have a convention that both of them must  turn off mobile phones when going to bed.

One day, when she woke up first, she then  boot up their mobile phones both, and there came the message of the "younger female colleagues" sent from later last night  "My dear,  I have not seen you in the  office  all day today!  Are you on the  business trip? I miss you!. "  Being so shocked then angry, but she took the phone and calmly  replied: "My  husband is well, thank you for your long concern, but do not bother and waste your time and effort, remember that the miss of my children and I are enough ." Press the send button, she also cleared the messages from  both inbox and outbox. Everything seemed to be known by only herslf and that girl. A week later the couple had  a talk which proposed by her husband and she received an apology from him, but she also appologised for her "violating personal items" to protect the family’s happiness.

I is not entirely easy to keep calm like Ms. Lien. To control the anger and the feelings of jealousy sometimes requires the sacrifice. Ms, Hoang Anh, who works for a foreign company in District 1 was dumbfounded when receiving the "secret news" that  her ​​ husband has unclear relation with  his beautiful young female secretary in his own company where he is the director. One day, at noon, without warning, she ran to his company, rushed straight to his office in oder to  "catch in the game" as she thought. However, she could not  because her husband was out to lunch.

Waiting for her husband, seeing  the staff  not only caring and being polite to her, but also mentioning to her husband  with much  respect, her  jealousy which  boiling in her heart sank. She quietly got out because she understood that whatever  her jealousy be, she  must  save the  face for her husband in front of his employees. She, then,  changed her strategy. She asked her husband to let her accomapany  him in the critical reception. She  sometimes visit his office, with him and his staff  going out for lunch. Being endured for rather long time, she has won. The secretary understood that there  no one to replace the boss’ wife, so she voluntarily withdrew

After two years immersedly  focused on the project of a scientific research institute , Son, who works for this institute , found his wife was particularly  taken care by one of her male colleague. Thing to be afraid here is that Thoa, Son’s wife,  did not  deny the  interest from that male colleague. Son understands that he himself has been focusing so much on his fame and lacking  the care for  his wife. He then decided to postpone things to spend time thinking about home, discuss seriously with his wife, he especially admits his  shortcomings. He  spent more time with his wife, took her on his business trip. His manly behavior moved Thoa, while the colleague regreted  that he almost became the  the person who thinks “ it is good fishing in troubled water"

When the husband or wife falling  in love with other person, one of them must be  calm to face  the reality of his/her emotion to have suitale  behavior. Remember, those who has the  affair often feels guilty. Therefore, showing your jealousy at a right time and right place , being more concerned about the wife or husband, allowing those "lost" the way back to the nest, you will have the opportunity to take back the happiness.


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