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Dantri had a talk with the director of Viet-detection and trading limited company (VDT) Nguyen Minh Long about this issue.

(Dantri) – The state of children’s leaving home has become more and more popular while families cannot depend on functional bodies at any time. It raises the question of legality of detective activities.

Dantri had a talk with the director of Viet-detection and trading limited company (VDT) Nguyen Minh Long about this issue.

A child got drug addicted because his parents earned too much money

How do you think about the significance of the state of children’s leaving home?

The fact is that in recent years, the number of clients who came to VDT and asked for help in child education has increased highly. Many children, not only boys but also girls, have got out of their houses, which is noticeable.

Which age group usually do those children belong to?

They are of 3 age groups. The first group is from the 1st form to the 11th form. The children of this age group start showing off themselves, easily generating conflicts with the families and it’s the reason for their leaving home. Nowadays, families ask the company for help mainly in management and supervision of their children’s study.

At the 2nd age group (from 12th form to university) and the 3rd one (after graduation), children often have crises in spirits, friendships or love. They normally have thoughts of indulging in play, social evils, which leads them to leave home.

Have you ever failed to seek home-leaving children?

Perhaps it’s my luck that I haven’t. I have worked in this field for nearly 10 years and have also gained experience in comprehending children’s psychology. Therefore, I can predict some situations which may happen to home-leaving children. They leave home because of impacts of the following factors: families, schools, friend relations and of affects of family’s education.

Have your intervention ever become too late, Sir?

Our clients are often divided into 2 levels. Some families come to VDT and ask for help right when they have felt unsafe about their children. Children, for example, have signs of reaction to their parents and leave home but come back just a day later. However, some families are too busy doing business, so it is not until the consequence happens that they hurry to find solutions.

Is there a case in which a family comes to the company for the 2nd time because of the failure of the 1st intervention?

That was the case in which our personnel secretly took a boy to Singapore for nearly 6 months in order to treat him for drug addiction and to keep him away from his play friends.

The boy was born in a rich family. His parents earned much money. Their money, which was too much to count, was just timely put into the money box every day. Then the child tried to find the way to steal money from his parents. Every day he opened the money box to steal the money and averagely he stole at least 50 million VND per month without his parents’ discovery.

Coming to the company for the 1st time, his family just asked for help observe him at school because he looked depressed. Then we advised them to take care of their children. After that, they came to the company again as the child showed his opposition and resistance when they took care of him.

When we intervened, we detected that he had been addicted to drug for 20 days. Each day he used 1.5 cm of drug, corresponding to 1.5 million VND per day. A solution was to send a detective to the family in the role of a friend, then to keep the boy away from his friends and to take him abroad for detoxication.

Detective is a social need

Facing such a problem, why don’t families ask the Police for help?

In reality, it is unable to ask the Police for help as children “have some problems” at any time. In cases in which children just have such signs as reaction to their parents, character changes or children’s leaving home but coming back on the following day, it is quite hard to come to the Police.

Meanwhile, families would like to solve problems at once and to find reasons before it’s too late. Therefore, companies similar to ours are established to meet social needs. Although detectives have been licensed to operate for a very long time by the state in other countries, they haven’t in Vietnam yet.

Does it mean your company has been operating illegally?

VDT was established on February 1st 2005 and has officially operated in detective services since then. At that time, there was not any document related to this issue. In 2006, decree N0108/ND CP was issued to officially put a ban on investment and business of secretly detective services which may infringe the state’s benefits, legal rights and obligations of organizations and individuals; investment in detective and investigative activities.

However, after this decree, there are no documents explaining clearly how companies established and licensed before and their functions will be. If detective activities are prohibited while society needs them, there must be companies which operate illegally or evade taxes. At present, we are granted the operating license but we would like to have a clear legal corridor. We are allowed to work in child control and supervision.

What do you mean by “are allowed”?

Decree N0108 defines the prohibition against detective activities and secret investigations infringing others’ private life. However, it is against the Civil Law, which defines cases to observe, supervise and control. Specifically, the one who is under the age of 18 is still under the supervision and guardianship of parents and schools. And the guardian may be someone who is chosen by parents.

 Therefore, we think that the State should define a legal corridor which helps create conditions for businesses to operate legally, to meet social needs as well as to protect citizen’s benefits.

Thank you, Sir.

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