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Detective guess money


The famous private detective Sherlock Holmes has just landed in Tan Son Nhat airport. Hearing this, the journalists crowded out to meet him. Appeared at the door a little old man, with a twisted pipe and  the well-known stick

  Does  not hide his disappointment, a journalist said:

-Sir,  your appearance has no criminal factor at all

.- The great detective of England shrug: I'm sorry. I'm not muscular, not driving like flying or  shooting with both hands. I do not know how to bathe with beautiful girls. I can not afford to kill a fly. I can only use my head in  a clumsy way.

-          The journalists looked at each other doutedly . Their personal experience makes them  have a traditional suspicion of others as well as their  own heads. A journalist came forward:

-           Mr.Holmes!  You mean every cases can be  explored by analysis and interpretation?

-          A scientific way. The detective said

The  journalist took out two sets of money then asked him for comments on the money. Holding up one set of the money, watching just a few seconds and then the detective  said:

-           This is the amount of   remuneration  of a male singer.

The crowd yell: How you know?

- The detective analysed: Because the singers have a habit of holding the microphone, and  they approximately do the same with  their money, and  this set of money  is  curly on the sides. This is the first feature. The remuneration shall always be withdrawn by the manager, so it is usually in odd numbers. That is the second point. Singers often put money in their makeup  box, there is  some powder dust, and based on the quality of the powder, I can know right away this is a B class  singer. This is a male singer for the money that smells of tobacco, but may be this man is a "gay" because this tobacco is very light; the smokers of this cigarette only smoke give themselve airs and graces.  Several bills outside smell baked snails, suggesting that the singer after receiving the money might have gone to eat snails from sidewalks, and eat at night;  while withdrawing  money this “gay” did not want to be seen by his  friends  so he just thrusted  his two fingers in to the  pocket and  jerked so  there were some paper powder stick on the elastic that used to tie the money. This  money smells gasoline. This  shows that the  owners sat in a vihicle through the night when he  went singing  in the province. This gasoline kerosene phase, suggesting that  the vihicle is a coache, not his own car  so this is a poor singer. When receiving the money, the singer was crying to his manager, then using his  hand to  wipe away his  tears and then holding the money. That is why some of the Notes are  stick to some ma-ca-ra powder.

- The crowd was silent . The detectives picked up the second set of money: This is the  money of  a candidate who came to the city to take part   the college enterable examination. It was put in the candidate’s pocket, and he took a motorbike taxi  so the money was stick together. The Notes are torn and different  in colors, as this money came from a farmer who  selling  products to accumulate, some notes were mold   for  being  saved too long , some others  were wrinkled up  because they were held tightly. This set of  money must have been counted up carefully by an old woman  because they stained with betel and tied with rubber band three times  showing  the loving care of the owner.  This candidates  coming to the city  and wearing a new pants, so the money can smell the starch. The pants  came from  Vietnamese-Cambodia border so  they have the   smell  of Thailand  starch, and so we know the owner of the pants comes from  the South- West of the country. Just every now and then the owner of the money must have touched it to check if the money was still there in his pocket so the outer sheet bearing full of his  hand prints.

 The whole visitors was  paralyzed. A journalist steps up, offers two different  sets  of money:

 -Would you guess.-

The detectives picked  up the money:

-This is the money  awarded in a miss- competition and it came  from a donor. Donors always have  bank loans so the money is  brand new and according to serial numbers. And here is the wage of a comedian. This money is wraped tight for fear of  this package owner knowing about  that the number of others and the money was put inside  the folding blank receipt number,with  many zero numbers. People often  called: “as big as the wheel.”

 The audience applauded. A a journalist took out the  last two set of money:

-Sir,what about this money?

The detective has a lightning glanced

 This is the allowance and bribes. They aer exactly the same!

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