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Dear detective office VDT Saigon Saigon Private Detective

 My name is Minh Tuyet, I have a personal problem to ask the detective services find out for Sai Gon.

I'm about to be married, a month is our wedding, we do not register the new hon.I know my husband is over 2 years now, every relationship between the two families as well. Very fond of her husband's family and spoiled me, as I care to hear more from me pregnant. Now 3 days I found my fiance are having a different lover, and the relationship between two people is still normal.

That girl is my husband's ex-lover from 10 years ago, the relationship of two people very deeply, but my husband's family strongly objected to two people can not marry. But sometimes he still tells her he always says that she has married since 2008 and have delivered it. Currently he is no longer related to her again. I have her address and the name of that price, knowing my husband everyday home life as normal as her son in law in the house. My husband is currently working on Le Loi Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, the girl in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City. Do not close the road, about 30 kilometers, but almost every day, you know he is in and go to work early the next morning. 6-way with him about my T2 and early morning he went to work. He goes on about District 7, every day, I know, no investigation. Specific job that I want to learn by VP, it is confirmed that her relatives, all the information I could.

- Are you doing what job, who lives where? - Having been married? (this need to explore carefully, because if the love I have for marriage registration are affected then I) - Having a wedding yet? (probably because her lover had the wedding with this girl then) - Having a baby yet? (I also have kids who love her, because he was the family living very normal) - Other information if possible.

I ask, these problems from HCMC Office detectives need to work how long and how costs?  I hope I answered earlier, then I will provide more detailed information. Thank VDT Detective Company and Saigon Saigon forward to help detectives. body, Minh Tuyet

Office detective Saigon Answers

Thank you for your interest to private detectives company VDT us, the email you send to us will be answered directly and advise you directly to the detective office in HCM City-based VDT in B3-6 Khanhhoi Apartment Building 1, No. 360C Ben Van Don, Ward 1, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City.



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